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Using Metrics for Coaching

Measurement of people by means of psychological profiles or others’ opinions is now common HR practice.

Standards that are well understood are the key to successful measurement. Many standards exist.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a one psychological profile some of which’s characteristics are: easy to take; long lasting - new insights can be gained by individuals in different circumstances; extremely thoroughly constructed so that there is a high probability of accuracy in its use; is used often by many - 4m world wide; explains consistency of random behaviour; has payoffs in terms of team and organisational behaviours.

360 degree feedback using a system like 20/20 Insight is a way of collecting others’ opinions systematically against predefined criteria. The process is designed to ensure agreement on desired criteria such as competencies in personal behaviours, management actions and emotional confidence.

As well as organisational reasons for using different metrics for getting data, individuals too seek information. Thus:

Individuals desirous of being coached are thirsty for information on how they manage and lead, as well as greater understanding about how they themselves tick. They also seek to understand how others view them and their performance as managers or leaders.

Important other issues fall out from using measuring in these ways:

  • Organisations that are alive to the necessity of making change choices that are accurate, are also aware that leaders and managers need intellectual and behavioural competencies that promote and nurture synergy and energy.
  • Leaders and managers cannot talk themselves out of what they have behaved themselves into.
  • The key to individual change is to get feedback. And feedback which is based on measurable data is much more effective than opinion.
  • Metrics used together are very effective ways of getting feedback to individuals so that their subsequent action can lead to powerful changes.
  • To get feed back from colleagues in a 360-degree format is a privilege. For to get hard data on how one’s own behaviour is perceived by others is notoriously difficult.

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How can Global Resonance deliver this feedback?

Here follows a range of suggestions which work:

  • Using MBTI to discuss the coachee’s own perceptions of how his or her style of managing works: Initial discussion of Type Psychology and MBTI, followed by up to three separate discussions (4 in all). Each of the first three sessions to end with a SMART action point that becomes the premier agenda item at the next.
  • Using MBTI and 360-degree feedback together for a coachee. Important to ensure that measurement criteria fit company goals accurately which implies people other than the coachee and her/his direct reports being involved. Also, gather 360 data from enough people to ensure anonymity for respondents. Use MBTI for initial discussions (as above) and introduce anonymised 360-degree data at subsequent sessions. Similar number of follow up sessions as above.
  • Using MBTI only for manager and team. (This usually works best when the manager is already familiar with Type Psychology, but it is not a prerequisite). The context for this needs to be carefully defined as it is based on an organisational development activity over two days, the first to allow all to get familiarity with Type Psychology, and the second to encourage and lead the team to use Type Psychology and the personal insights it revealed on issues which are important for the team. A prerequisite is: all who are engaged in the team signs up to the process and its goals. For the coachee, there should be an agreement for further sessions so that they can test their own insights and consider the feedback received from others through the process and beyond.

Typically, the above examples would be one, two and three days’ consultancy respectively.

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