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Wynn Rees Consulting is asked to work with staff and managers to enable both to acknowledge their power and potential in a situation.

Power is often the dynamic hidden from view. When individuals are better able to be more effective at:

  • listening
  • resolving conflict together professionally, and
  • recognising unproductive interpersonal and intra organisational conflict

Power and power relationships are more likely to be revealed safely.

Focusing on using these softer skills, will enable all to see a clearer way to organisational success through individual action characterised by:

  • real assertiveness
  • speaking plainly and honestly
  • being both firm and sensitive, and
  • using emotional competence logically
"People love to learn - when they are in a position to choose to do so"

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Coaching Senior Management

Coaching Senior Management through specific learning, enabling those who carry responsibility for strategy as well as operational functions to:

  • lead others
  • enable others to fully contribute to company or organisation goals
  • guide others to take their own lead

leads to successful organisational performance gained through developing people.

"People change readily, what they resist is being changed"

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Teams Need Facilitators

Teams need facilitators from outside from time to time.

The outsider trusted to be honest, can reveal through reflection aspects of a team's life unrecognised or unacknowledged by the team.

Wynn Rees has worked with many sorts of teams in his career. From teams who deliver their joint purpose with enthusiasm, and who want to be even more effective together; To teams whose members feel it is no more than a group, and need to rediscover their direction and reinvigorate their work.

Focusing on the work of the team ensures that teams:

  • discover, reveal or set their joint goals, and
  • see that working better is part of working well.
"People value a means of communication more than access to information"

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Wynn Rees has a facility with a wide range of management skills, including:

  • Management: An Introduction
  • Navigator: The Men's Development Programme
  • Interpersonal Skills for Managers
  • Leading Teams
  • Time Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Coaching
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Recruitment and Selection Skills
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Chairing and Minuting Meetings
  • Negotiation Skills

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Wynn Rees Consulting has:

  • enabled others to take their responsibility gracefully and elegantly, by coaching them to understand their roles fully.
  • successfully coached organisations to prepare for and gain the Investors in People standard.
  • enabled organisations to make the case for development of people by linking development to financial and other benefits.

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"great at keeping us focused on the objectives we had set for ourselves"