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Facilitation Services

Facilitation services offered by Wynn Rees Consulting are based on the idea that learners can autonomously exercise their intelligence, choice and interest. So learning is not an activity mediated by a teacher who does things to a student; rather, the student defines the learning in a self directed way, and the facilitator uses his or her skills to encourage learning.

How, as humans, we learn has been and is the subject of vigourous research, from which we know and understand that each of us does not learn in the same way. We learn in our own way.

This understanding of how we learn is used to establish clear purpose for facilitating a person or group's learning. Then during a learning activity, a prerequisite is the individual's agreement to the aims of the learning encounter, and ensuring the design of the encounter aligns with both the culture and values of the client organisation.

This involves:

  • establishing clarity
  • seeking agreement, and
  • checking understanding between all persons
  • maintaining consciousness of all of these

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Men in Organisations

Men in organisations are now seeking appropriate self development to be more effective with others. This seeking often stems from a realisation that to be successful requires empathy and understanding of others as well as the insightful focus a traditionally acknowledged male strength.

Men, also, realise more and more that work is an integral part of life, and that their decisions on methods of earning affect those around them, both work colleagues and family and friends. Too often men choose work solely to bring in money.

Navigator is a proven development process for men in organisations.

Navigator focusses on a man's goals in relation to himself and the business he works in. It provides new knowledge necessary to achieve those goals. At the same time improves the man's skills for the benefit of the business as well as himself.

Men who have participated in the programme usually grasp the opportunity to learn new skills required for success. When the programme is complete, they implement their learning.

Navigator is a brother programme to Springboard, the award winning development programme for women.

Navigator is designed to enable men to develop their awareness and skills which are necessary to contribute effectively in organisational situations that make new demands in a changing world.

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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the world's most popular personality indicator. It is used by Wynn Rees Consulting primarily to enable teams to work more effectively together.

A growing number of people recognise the strength and usefulness of the MBTI in organisational settings. There is a wide variety of organisations, from small partnerships to FT100 companies , as well as educational, government and religious / spiritual organisations which use it.

It helps people become more self aware especially of their personality preferences for source of energy, information gathering, and decision taking, and how these preferences affect their approach to work and life in general.

One of the reasons why the MBTI is so effective for organisational use is that it can help reduce unproductive interpersonal and intra organisational conflict. Team members find that the MBTI is helpful in assessing the strengths and blindspots of their team in a non judgemental way.

Individual employees can use the MBTI to evaluate the fit between themselves and their job.

It is easy to use, professionally interpreted and well researched, so the MBTI generates reliable data for organisational development.

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Politics Impacts on Everybody's Work

Politics impacts on everybody's work: most obviously when legislation, say, on Employment Law, or Human Rights is enacted through the political (big "P") process.

Less obvious are the impacts of politics within organisations: the small "p" politics characterised by the phrase "office politics".

Often the politics within organisations are influenced by individual behaviour which is often a response to such questions as:

  • At what point in a meeting do I voice an objection to a senior manager's proposal? Is it stupid to do so?
  • How can I raise and keep alive what I consider an important issue which seems to have little support, or worse, treated with derision?

Such questions are often faced by managers and middle managers in organisational spaces like meetings; but are often faced by all staff.

A model of political behaviour which takes into account individual integrity and abilities to read situations in a political manner is useful knowledge as well as an indicator for specific development for individuals.

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Leadership, Motivation and Delegation

Leadership, motivation, delegation and trusting others are just some of the responsibilities of management as typically described by both management and staff when asked to define management. It is all of these, and more.

In times of rapid change, people can find themselves managing others without the necessary insight or skills to understand their new role. Wynn Rees has extensive experience of what the new manager needs - in terms of new knowledge about motivation or delegation or leadership - but also in terms of people's desires to check out with others that they are doing the right thing.

WRC offers a range of work for clients to address aspects of new and not so new managers' needs. From helping new managers gain new knowledge through structured learning events or training courses, to helping new and established managers understand their actions in management through coaching based on a programme of one to one discussion and reflection.

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How To Hire Smart?

In many organisations, the present emphasis seems to be on managing tough, when hiring smart seems to make so much more sense. Hiring smart is not just about getting the recruitment process right, or the design of the job, or having appropriate incentives in terms of prospects and or good conditions: it is also be about attending to organisational culture in such a manner that the right people want to work for you.

Wynn Rees Consulting is able to help organisations by advising managers who are often skilled in areas of expertise unrelated to the specialisms of personnel work, but who can feel unconfident or unsure of their skills when called upon to recruit and interview potential staff. Often this is undermined by lack of awareness of what the law demands in this area, and fear of an Employment Tribunal adds to that uncertainty.

WRC also advises on the range of tests and instruments on the market to help recruiters narrow their search effectively, and then to use the test to its most helpful end by skilful interpretation of results.

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